DUI – Drug Charge

Joe is top notch, absolutely the best lawyer I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with and representing me. He was always on top of getting my case in order and always timely with responses as to any questions or concerns I had. I wouldn’t hesitate to have him represent me again if the issue ever arose. As far as my case went DUI, blew .15 in the field, .10 in jail, possession on marijuana. DUI got reduced to wreckless, drug charge reduced to pariphanalia, ASAP, restricted license. End result of my case speaks as to how awesome Joe is. Don’t hesitate to hire him if you’re in need of the best lawyer in Richmond!

DWI with a .16 blood alcohol

Went to court looking to lose my license, job, and right to drive. Mr McGrath changed that with his confidence and knowledge of law. With a blood alcohol of .16. I don’t know how he did it but he got it reduced to a reckless driving and saved my life and career. Thanks, and he’s the best not just on paper he gets the job done.


I highly recommend Joe McGrath! As a CDL OTR driver my license is my livelihood. Mr. McGrath represented me last minute and was able to get my case resolved in my favor without my ever having to appear and take time from my job. He remained in contact and kept me informed every step of the way. He understands the trucker and the importance of keeping points off if our CDL! Recommended without reservation!


Having to appear in court before a Judge is an intimidating experience. You need someone to represent you who knows the process. Someone who thoroughly researches and prepares your case for all possible outcomes. Joe McGrath is that type of lawyer. We have used Joe many times over the last several years for minor infractions, all with a positive outcome. Most recently he represented us on some serious charges in two different jurisdictions. He was zealous in his pursuit of getting the facts of the case straight.
He repeatedly tried to call the district attorney in one of the cases for over a month, and the DA would not return his call. He finally got in his car and drove an hour to the DA’s office so he could provide his side of the case. He provided additional information to the DA and letters of reference on behalf of his client and was able to get the felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor. We were very thankful for his compassion, dedication and perseverance to our case. Joe also recommended counseling which we would have not sought on our own. The counseling has changed my son’s life. This would not have been possible without Joe.
Joe McGrath believes everyone should have equal footing in the courtroom and be heard. He will stand up for you and not back down in what he believes is the truth. I would highly recommend Joe McGrath, because he cares about you and your individual circumstances.

Recommended by a lawyer

Joe was recommended to me by another attorney who stated “if I was charged with a DUI, I’d hire him myself.” After our initial consultation I immediately put him on retainer. Joe was straight forward about the case, what my options were, and what each result could be. He asked me detailed questions of everything that happened leading up to my arrest and after. He watched video with me and explained things to me throughout. With his help I was able to plea down a DUI to a reckless driving charge.

License restoration

I live in Florida and found that Virginia had a restriction on my license from 21 years ago. I could not renew my Florida license until it was lifted. I tried on my own to handle it for a year and a half with no luck. I hired Joe and wished I had done so in the beginning. He quickly and efficiently took over, and with his expertise and connections I had my license restored in 3 months despite the complications I created. The man is amazing and reasonably priced. (He doesn’t charge enough as far as I’m concerned) My job depends on travel so he honestly saved me. I cant recommend him enough!

DUI in Richmond

I got a DUI for blowing a .08 at a sobriety checkpoint in Richmond VA and was facing license suspension of a year.
Joe worked with me to get all of the necessary information about my case, and handled it all the way until I was judged Not Guilty in Richmond Circuit Court. Joe can give you more background on my case.

Though there are no guarantees in his profession, I believe Joe used the best and most strategic tactics to prove my innocence and save me a crap load of money and time.

A top-Notch Attorney Who Knows the Law and Fights for His Clients

During late 2016, I discovered that I had been proclaimed by the State of Virginia as an “Habitual Offender” (during 1995) as a result of being convicted during the mid-1980s of two DUI’s (Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol).

Although I did everything that I was required to do almost 30 years ago regarding those convictions, including paying fines, attending DUI classes and having my drivers’ license suspended for three years from 1988-1991, I discovered during September 2016 that the State of Virginia had revoked my license during 1995 and declared me an “habitual offender”.

Upon learning of that matter, I contacted the Virginia Circuit Court and the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (“VASAP”), paid some fees to those organizations, and visited a substance-abuse counselor as required by VASAP.

Even though I had not been convicted of any alcohol-related offense, or any other driving offense, except for a few speeding tickets, over the 29 years following my DUI convictions, and I had a valid drivers’ license in two other states during that period, VASAP advised the courts to not re-instate my license merely because I admitted willingly that I tend to have a couple of glasses of wine, at home, a few days of the week during dinner.

Not knowing what to do, I took the advice of a good friend of mine and contacted Joe McGrath.

Almost immediately, I knew that I had contacted the right person regarding my driving issue, as Joe illustrated quickly that he knows the law thoroughly, as well as all of the State’s prosecutors and judges, and the background of those legal persons.

In addition to working diligently to resolve my case in a positive way, Joe was easy to reach any time that I had a question or concern, and he kept me updated with important information.

Most importantly, Joe was successful in persuading the Circuit Court of Virginia to re-instate my Virginia driving privileges.

I would encourage anyone who is seeking good legal advice to hire Joe as their attorney.